Town Officials Consider Raising Groton Property Taxes

More people live in Groton than in any other town in Southeastern Connecticut, and town government officials are considering raising property taxes more than in most if not any other towns: 8.3 percent.
"I try not to think about it because I can't afford an increase. I'm living from my hand to mouth," said Heather Shortman.

Groton has lost some property to demolition at Pfizer. The town government expects less revenue to pay for its programs. The tax increase would keep them going.

"With how bad the state and the town are doing as far as money goes," said Craig Tremblay, "I think it may be appropriate."

Mili Ebbin was also willing to see taxes go up. "I realize we have high taxes because there are a lot of people not paying taxes - renters and so forth," she said. "I'm an owner and I feel obliged to my community."

Even though Rich Boutot lives in Navy housing, he said, "Taxes in Connecticut are ridiculous. This state - if they could find a way to tax you for breathing they would. That's why as soon as I retire from the military, I'm leaving. I retire next month so me and my family will be gone by June."

As the Groton Town Council considers the proposed budget, there's a public hearing scheduled for March 29th.

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