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‘Trouble in Toyland': Consumer Group Releases Report on Dangerous Toys

The Trouble in Toyland 2018 report by the consumer group Public Interest Research Group, or PIRG, is out and warning parents about some popular holiday gifts.

At Connecticut Children's Medical Center ConnPIRG spoke about their report showing different toys they say parents should watch out for. One of the main items they focused on: slime.

"This slime has been tested, and it has dangerous levels of boron in it, often in the form of borax. That's 15 times the limit of the EU limit," said Shawna Upton with ConnPIRG.

The report shows they tested slime from six different companies and that Kangaroos Original Super Cool Slime had the highest level of boron of the six. Kangaroo told NBC Connecticut that all of their products meet federal requirements.

Another toy that received ConnPIRG's attention was Haktoys ATS Battery Operated Bump & Go Action F-182 Fighter Jet 8-inch Plane. The attention came not from what was in it but what came out of it.

"We have here a very noisy toy which does pose a significant threat to children's hearing because of the amount of loud noise and the long-term damage it can have on hearing which can then affect a child's ability to learn," said Emily O'Hara with ConnPIRG.

NBC Connecticut reached out to Haktoys but has not yet heard back.

At Connecticut Children's Medical Center, Dr. Steven Rogers, an emergency department physician spoke about the Trouble in Toyland report.

"The statistics we hear from ConnPIRG really match what we see in the emergency department. We see lots of choking issues with small parts, we see lots of riding toys like scooters for the older children who have fallen off those toys and injured themselves," said Dr. Rogers. "I think parents want to get kids what they want. They want to make them happy, but we have to think safety first as parents."

Following today's release of the report, the Toy Association fired back saying US toy safety standards are among the strictest in the world.

"Year after year, organizations like PIRG come out with these reports and they are filled with false and misleading information – intentionally to scare parents. What parents can be assured is that all toys sold in the United States need to comply with some of the strictest requirements…with these requirements," said VP Toy Association VP Rebecca Mond.

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