UConn Math Class: Deficit – Pay Cuts = Balance

President Hogan Says Managers Will Feel Cuts

The President of the University of Connecticut wants to make sure managers know their pay check will be smaller next year.

In a statement, Michael Hogan said the school has no choice.  It's facing $12 million in reductions in state support at the start of the next fiscal year July 1.

Hogan let the managers know they'll lose their annual increases and may have to take furlough days as part of his program to cut costs.

"As the state's financial situation continues to decline, it is becoming increasingly clear that we must take extraordinary steps to address the growing budget deficit forecasted for the next fiscal year,” said Hogan in an email to the 103 non-unionized administrative managers. 

“Budget realities require that we sacrifice even more, and I’m confident you share my belief that sacrifice should begin with the University's administrative managers.”

It's not his first notice to managers.

He's already asked them to take by March 1 a “day on at UConn” -- a day at work without pay.  Hogan said he's already done so himself and appreciates the cooperation he has received from managers who supported this initiative.

Hogan said he wanted to allow managers to plan for the cuts, which is why he's telling them now.

“Let me note how difficult I know this news is for you.  Many of you have risen to the challenges over the past year with innovative solutions to address them."

UConn has ordered each department to make a 3 percent cut this year.

Hogan has also appointed a task force to study the situation.       

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