Vial of Powdered Substance Found in Third Grade Classroom in Monroe

Students' desk adhere to social distancing requirements in a classroom at a public elementary school in the Brooklyn borough of New York
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School officials said a vial of a powdered substance believed to be cocaine was found in a third grade classroom in Monroe.

Monroe Public Schools Superintendent Joe Kozba wrote a letter to parents and staff following the discovery of the vial.

The vial was found by a staff member on Friday at Monroe Elementary School at approximately 11 a.m. School officials said they contacted police and presumptive testing revealed that the substance was cocaine.

Police initiated a canine search of the room while the children in the classroom were outside. Then after the children left for the day, a thorough canine search of the entire building was performed, in which no further substances were found, Kozba said.

Kozba asked parents to be cautious and reach out to the school counselor for guidance if they decide to share any of the information with their children. He said he doesn't believe any kids know about the incident.

All parents with children in the particular classroom have been directly contacted, Kozba said.

The incident is under investigation. Anyone with information is asked to call police at 203-261-3622.

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