Valentine's Day

Vintage Valentine's Day Cards on Display in Plainville

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Valentine’s Day cards dating back to 1916 are bringing back fond memories for people in Plainville.

Joyce Goldberg, a resident of Plainville, found the vintage Valentine’s Day cards belonging to her, her brother and her mother Dorothy Murray Goldberg, while she was cleaning out her mother’s house.

The oldest card dates back to 1916. Her mom received it when she was 1 year old. The cards continue through the 1960s. About 150 of them are on display in a glass case at the Plainville Senior Center.

Photos: Vintage Valentine’s Day Cards on Display in Plainville

“I love getting them out. Every year I find different ones to look at and you know there’s some old favorites I really love like my mother’s. I like these kind of old fashioned ones that move,” said Goldberg. “It brings me back 60 years to when I was a kid and it was like I’m back in the 1950s when I received a lot of these Valentines.”

As a child Goldberg said she loved the holiday more than Christmas and Halloween. Even now, she looks forward to decorating for Valentine’s Day.

“Every year, I can’t wait to put my Christmas things away because I look forward to February 1 when I can finally get out the box of Valentines,” Goldberg said.

A few years ago, when her brother was sick, she brought the cards to the hospital to show him and remind him of good times. “He opened it and went through every card. For a boy who doesn’t cry, the tears. He read it, he read the name, he would tell me what he remembered about that person and it was beautiful,” said Goldberg.

Several months ago Goldberg reserved the space to display them at the Plainville Senior Center through the month of February. She too hopes it brings joy to others and reminds them of their childhood.

“You read it, you look at the name and you just transcend time,” Goldberg said.

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