Gov. Malloy Reflects on Newtown Anniversary

A visibly emotional Governor Dannel Malloy held back tears as he talked about the one year anniversary of the shooting at Sandy Hook Elementary School.

Malloy said he will attend a mass in Newtown and volunteer but he'll do it out of the view of cameras and reporters.
"I'm doing my best to be respectful to the community," said Malloy.
It was an emotional day throughout the halls of the state capitol.
An exhibit showcasing art work made by the children of Newtown was on display. The children made safe places as a form of art therapy.
"It's really amazing to see all of the art work and how much strength is really in Sandy Hook and Newtown," said Nicole Willcox, a family art therapist who has been helping the community of Newtown. "The art is really beneficial because it gets into the pre-verbal part of the brain where the processing needs to happen to deal with the trauma."
Along with the children's artwork there were also photographs lining the hallway between the capitol and legislative office building.
The photos, taken by Darien photographer Robert Carley, documented the memorials and other scenes in the weeks after Newtown.
"I started seeing beautiful creations, beautiful memorials and I wanted to document them," said Carley.
He said the photos showcase the hope and love that poured into Newtown after the tragedy.
"There are tributes that came in from all over the country," said Carley. "It showed the love of the country and compassion from outside Newtown."
Gov. Malloy has requested flags around the state to be lowered to half-staff on Saturday and he also wants houses of worship to toll their bells 26 times at 9:30 in the morning.
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