Waking Up to Single Digit Temperatures in Connecticut

After a warmer than usual start to winter, Connecticut residents are now trying to adjust to the chill.

Across the state, people woke up on Tuesday to temperatures in the teens and single digits, but it felt like it was below zero.

People in the drive-thru line at a Stratford Dunkin’ Donuts said it was simply too cold to get out of their cars for their morning coffee.

“It’s freezing! I had to warm the car up today for the first time in weeks,” Dan Staton, of Stratford, said.

It was a different kind of pain at the pump for drivers at the Cumberland Farms gas station in Milford, where people were trying to deal with shock of Mother Nature’s brutal blast.

“I went to go start the car and I kind of had to shake it off,” Jonathan Bria said.

In downtown New Haven, you could barely make out the faces of many people on their way in to work because they were all bundled up.

“I’ve got on two long johns, a sweater and a top to try to stay warm,” Errol Richards, of Waterbury, said.

One of New Haven’s downtown ambassadors, Patrick Collins, said he thinks the cold is especially brutal because of how warm the winter began.

“Sixty degrees on Christmas, you can’t beat that. But I guess now we’re paying for it,” he said.

Because it’s sure to get this cold a few more times before spring rolls around, some people said they’re trying to take the weather in stride.

“What’s your alternative? Just bundle up and get out there,” Eileen Mars, of Milford, said.

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