Jewett City

Wanted Man Found Hiding Under Laundry at Jewett City Home: State Police

Light on a state police vehicle
NBC Connecticut

Connecticut State Police have arrested a man they said was a wanted felon after he was found hiding under laundry at a home in Jewett City on Saturday night.

Troopers received information that a wanted felon was hiding in a Jewett City home on Saturday at approximately 6:15 p.m.

When state police approached the home, they said they spoke with the homeowners who denied the wanted man was inside.

Troopers told the homeowners about the active felony warrant and police said the homeowners repeatedly said the wanted man was not there, before giving consent to search the home.

State police said when they entered a bedroom, they found a man lying on the ground with piled laundry covering everything except his arm. He was placed into custody through the felony warrant after resisting verbal commands.

Investigators said there was also an active protective order barring the man from the home he was hiding in.

The man was held on a combined $100,000 bond for the felony warrant and additional charges of violation of a protective order and interfering with police, state police said. Authorities have not released his identity.

The two owners of the home were also arrested for hindering prosecution. They were later released on $1,000 bond, state police added.

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