West Hartford Declares State of Emergency Over Coronavirus Concerns

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West Hartford Mayor Shari Cantor declared a state of emergency over coronavirus concerns.

“Our public health and safety officials are already fully mobilized and taking the necessary steps to protect West Hartford residents from the effects of COVID-19,” Cantor said. “This additional step is intended to reinforce the seriousness of the public health crisis, and to make sure town government has maximum flexibility and the authority to quickly respond as conditions change.”

Cantor said the goal is to "spread out the inevitable infections so that the healthcare system isn't overwhelmed with patients."

In declaring a state of emergency, Cantor is asking residents and businesses to take the following steps:

  • Families are asked to keep children at home.
  • Religious organizations are encouraged to conduct services virtually to reduce occupancy and create spacing between seating.
  • Businesses should require employees to work from home and consider staggering or reducing hours of operation.
  • Restaurants should cut occupancy by 50% to create adequate spacing between seating and encourage patrons to use take-out services instead of dining in.
  • Grocery stores should stop offering samples and shut down self-service stations.
  • Restaurants and establishments should cancel all gatherings, special events and celebrations.
  • All sports activities, including games and practices, should be cancelled.

Overnight on-street parking will be allowed in West Hartford from now until April 6. There is no need to apply for an omit during this time, according to police.

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