West Haven Hosting Carnival to Support Injured Police Officer

At the Oak Street Grove in West Haven, Marenna Amusements is setting up carnival rides and attractions a week earlier than expected.

"I want to build a kiddie land down in this area where the cove is," owner George Marenna Jr. told West Haven Mayor Ed O’Brien.

The company based in Orange is set to supply the attractions for the Savin Rock Festival at the end of the month.

Now, the company has agreed to put on an extra four days of fun this weekend to support West Haven Police Officer Mike Doyle’s recovery at a Wallingford rehabilitation center.

"That’s the challenge you take when you’re in the business if you love it," Marenna Jr. said of getting ready for this show on short notice.

After taking a call from Mayor O’Brien, Marenna Jr. quickly rearranged the company’s calendar and cancelled a carnival next weekend in New York.

"Everybody from the marrenas, to our building department to any inspections we needed," O’Brien said. "We expedited to get this done."

The police department is also selling a t-shirt in support of Doyle.

"It says code 20, which is officer needs assistance," O’Brien said.

The shirt also displays his police badge, motorcycle officer wings and the shield of Captain America, his favorite superhero.

"The best part of the story is he’s really improving faster than they thought," O’Brien said.

This Friday the mayor says all West Haven City employees will wear the Officer Doyle t-shirts to work.

In addition to donations for the officer’s family, other proceeds from this weekend’s carnival will support WHEAT, the West Haven feeding assistance program for the less fortunate.

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