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Western Connecticut State University Closed Monday After 100 Sickened

Western Connecticut State University in Danbury will be closed Monday after approximately 100 students fell sick during a "viral-like outbreak" last week that state health officials have determined to be norovirus.

In a release sent out Sunday night, the president of the university said the school will be closed Monday in response to the outbreak. 

"Although we are aware of a limited number of affected students, based on our discussions with the Connecticut Department of Health, the Danbury Department of Health, Danbury Hospital and the WCSU Director of Health Services, we have decided this is the best and most conservative course of action to protect our university community from infection and spread of disease," WCSU president John Clark wrote in an emailed statement. 

Monday's closing will give staff time to consult with state and city health officials to determine what the next steps will be and allow maintenance crews to continue to sanitize all areas of the campus. 

"While the latest data we have about the disease is encouraging, we want to make doubly sure that the university is safe and secure for all before re-opening," Clark said. 

The school tweeted Friday night that it was investigating a “viral-like illness” that broke out on both campuses.

Students complained of symptoms, including vomiting and diarrhea and the school is encouraging anyone experiencing symptoms to go home if possible and see their doctor or visit an urgent care or a hospital emergency room for treatment and ask to be tested for a possible virus.

Students are encouraged to wash their hands before eating or handling food, and to avoid sharing food or drink with others. Any students who vomit in their dormitory should contact Housing or Residence Life staff to help with cleanup.

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