Wet Leaves Could Lead to Problems During Storm

With gusty winds and heavy rain in the forecast Tuesday and Wednesday, wet leaves could become a problem for gutters and storm drains.

Dry leaves are easy to rake or blow, but once they get wet, they stick together like glue, and that’s when clogs happen.

Wind is expected to bring down more leaves and with a soaking rain in the forecast, backup from leaf-clogged drains and gutters is a concern. It’s keeping landscapers busy.

“We’re trying to keep up with the gutters which is a big deal now because of pending rains they’re talking about. You’ve got to get the leaves out of there so it can drain and doesn’t get backed up and go into the house,” said Andrew Messina.

Messina said the best time to clean up is before a heavy rain, and definitely before the snow starts falling.

“If you get water damage inside the walls, then you got to gut the walls, and get a guy in there, it’s going to cost a ton of money. It’s much easier just to get them cleaned out, especially when they’re dry like this,” he explained.

Experts say it is also important to stay on top of leaf removal now to help prevent ice dams in the winter.

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