‘What Happened to My Money?' Enfield Woman Questions Missing Mortgage Payment

For 20 years, Maxine Whittingham has lived in the same house in Enfield, and for those two decades, Whittingham insists she’s never made a late mortgage payment.

So Whittingham says she was baffled in June when she received a Notice of Intent to Foreclosure from Carrington Mortgage Services.

“I have no clue. I don’t know what could’ve happened,” Whittingham said.

Carrington Mortgage informed Whittingham that they did not receive her March payment.

She immediately contacted her bank about that missing payment.

“The bank clarified that the check had cleared. The money came out,” said Whittingham.

Whittingham showed NBC Connecticut Responds her bank statement for the $1,223 payment that cleared her account.

Then, there were two other attempts to withdraw the same amount of money.

“What happened to my money? Where is it?” said Whittingham.

Whittingham showed us a letter from Keybank that she forwarded to Carrington Mortgage Services verifying that she made the payment in the form of an e-check on March 16, 2018.

“They’re still trying to figure things out,” said Whittingham. “That’s why I reached out to you guys, to see if you could assist me somehow.”

NBC Connecticut reached out to both Keybank and Carrington Mortgage Services.

A Keybank spokesperson tells NBC Connecticut Responds they can’t release client information because it’s confidential, but explained how the bank typically handles situations like this one.

“We obtain the payment trace identification number and share that with the payee so the payee can track the payment,” a spokesperson said in a statement.

And Carrington Mortgage Services says it’s working to resolve the situation, telling Responds:

“We’ll advance the payment on [Maxine Whittingham’s] behalf until the issue is resolved, and assured her that she won’t be subject to any late fees, credit reporting issues, or delinquency or foreclosure actions due to the missing payment.”

Maxine Whittingham says she’s relieved.

“I’m glad that you guys are there to help the people like myself who, who need assistance right now,” said Whittingham.

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