‘What's On Your Mind?': Your Thoughts as CT Starts to Reopen on May 20

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What’s On Your Mind? It is a simple question. But during the coronavirus crisis, the answers are anything but simple. Over the last several weeks, NBC Connecticut has heard from hundreds of callers sharing what they and their families are dealing with at this time.

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There has been a lot of debate about if the state’s May 20 reopening is coming too soon, or if it can't come soon enough.

For most people, the process of getting to this point has not been easy. It is still unclear what the full impact of starting to reopen will be. The success of the reopening will be determined in the days, weeks and months that follow.

“We need to push the government to open more businesses so more people can go back to work, and they do not have wait in lines at food banks.” - John, Seymour

I don’t know what to do. How can they open all of these places when everybody hasn’t been tested?

Lorraine, Bristol

“What’s on my mind is I am very outraged by the changing of the dates that the barbershops and the salons can open, and they’re going back on their word.” - Susan, Branford

I will not be going shopping. I will not be going to an open space restaurant.

Barbara, Ellington

“Getting your teeth cleaned, that’s okay, but you can’t get your hair cut? That really kind of makes me wonder what is going on.” - Todd, Mystic

Don’t know when the right time is, but I don’t feel like being the first guinea pig to find out when. I’ll be patient and wait longer.

Kathy, Hartford

“Yes, I think Connecticut needs to start to reopen. The sooner we reopen, the sooner we will know if cases will remain down or if there will be a surge.” - Valerie, Monroe

I want to first give thanks to the people on the front lines protecting us and healing the sick.


“My cousin is a nurse. I have worried about her and the safety of her husband, who is a doctor. They’ve been real troopers. I admire them.” - Laurie, Branford

I am so glad, and I am so happy to get back to normal. The sooner the better. I’m just anxious for that to happen. I think most people are

Carol, Glastonbury
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