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Who Are Connecticut's Electors?

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There’s been a lot of talk over the last few days about the Electoral College, but who are Connecticut’s seven Democratic electors? 

“I’m personally proud to be representing the 60% of voters in Connecticut who casts their votes for Joe Biden and Kamala Harris,” Dana Barcellos Allen said. 

Barcellos Allen is an Avon resident and a member of the Democratic State Central Committee who answered the call when the party asked for electors. 

Susan Barrett of Fairfield said she submitted her form to be a delegate for Biden in June. The form says: 

“I agree that I automatically resign and automatically vacate my position as an elector to the Electoral College if I determine at any time that I cannot fully support the Democratic presidential and vice presidential nominees,” Barrett read. 

Barrett said she met Biden and she’s supportive of him. 

But what about the Electoral College? 

“From time to time I’ve heard people say let’s get rid of it and you know I think it’s a process that -- well Connecticut is bluer than blue. So we have our seven votes. But in some states it's not that way,” Barrett said.

Barcellos Allen said she believes the system does need to be reformed. 

“As we are moving further and further into modern times we are seeing that it just doesn’t seem to fit our country and that’s what I would like to take a look at,” Barcellos Allen said.

Barcellos Allen said she likes the idea of the popular vote but she also sees the problems with that because larger states would have more of a say. 

Two out of the last five elections were won by candidates who had fewer votes from the general public than their rivals.

“I’d like to look at ways that make it more fair so that votes are more equal and that every person's vote counts a little more equally,” Barcellos Allen said. 

There are a total of 538 electors nationally and they each represent one electoral vote. A candidate needs to gain a majority or 270 to win the presidency. 

Based on Connecticut’s vote the seven electors will vote for former Vice President Joe Biden on December 14. 

“It’s a great honor to be able to go in and cast my vote for Joe Biden and Kamala Harris but I do want to experience it so I can then come out of the process and say you know do I feel like this is a system that needs reform,” Barcellos Allen said.

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