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Woman Gets Stitches in Face After Dog Attack in Plainfield

A Jewett City woman is recovering after a brutal dog attack in Plainfield on Saturday and police are looking for the dog.

Jade Santiago, 21, was walking with her boyfriend on South Walnut Street in the Wauregan section of Plainfield when she said a dog lunged from the woods.

"It came up from behind us, right between us, and it immediately jumped at her. And she threw her hand up and I think she saved her own life by doing that because it was going for the neck," her boyfriend Nicholas Guarneri, of Griswold, said.

Guarneri said he kicked the dog until it ran off between two houses. The couple said they just moved to Waregan a few days ago.

Santiago said the attack was so sudden that it’s difficult to remember all of the details.

"Terrifying. I mean I wasn’t expecting it at all," Santiago said.

Guarneri rushed Santiago to the local hospital where she was treated and transferred to Hartford Hospital so a specialist could take a look at her face. Her arm is in a sling and her boyfriend estimated that she has about 40 stitches.

The couple said they did not recognize the dog and it was not wearing a collar.

They spent part of Monday canvassing the neighborhood, trying to locate the dog and its owner. Anyone with information is asked to contact the Plainfield Police Department.

Santiago and Guarneri said while they don’t think it’s likely, they hope the animal is found so no one else gets hurt.

"I just hope this doesn’t happen to anybody else. I know it has, and I know it will continue to, but I want it to stop. I know there’s a lot of people who have been in the same situation as me and I know how they feel and it’s not fun. It’s scary," Santiago said.

According to police, the breed is not clear but the dog has been described as a gray “pit bull type dog” with a white spot of fur on its front paw.

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