Yale Student Injured in Tailgating Crash Sues

One woman was killed and two others were injured in the crash.

A Yale student who was injured when a U-Haul truck struck and killed a Massachusetts woman and injured a third woman in a tailgating area at the Harvard-Yale football game last November is suing the driver and U-Haul for more than $15,000.

Sarah Short, of New Haven, says in papers filed in New Haven Superior Court that the truck was driven too fast, was not under proper control and was in an unsafe condition. She did not specify how the truck was unsafe.

Short says she suffered "severe and deep bone bruising" and a fracture, skin loss and other injuries. She says she underwent surgeries requiring skin grafts and other corrective measures.

A lawyer for Brendan Ross, a Yale undergraduate who was driving the truck and a spokeswoman for U-Haul did not immediately return calls from the Associated Press seeking comment.

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