Young Girl's Grave Site Vandalized

Girl's site is among 16 vandalized at Griswold cemetery.

The grave site of a 9-year-old girl is among the 16 sites that were vandalized inside Pachaug Cemetery in Griswold.

Jenna Lynn Smith passed away just over one year ago after being diagnosed with cancer.

Her parents, Mark and Sandy were devasated all over again when they discovered her grave site was vandalized.

"We're still in the grieving process and it was very devastating," Sandy Smith said.

Momentos were smashed, personal notes were ripped up and lights were destroyed.

The vandalism occured December 1, according to state police.

Jenna's grave is adorned with purple pigs, one of her favorite things.

"She had piggy banks that were smashed," her mother said.

Now, one of Jenna's closest friends has started a Facebook page and set up a reward to help catch whomever did this.

Shea Lee, who is only 11-years-old, has already raised $350, exceeding her goal by $100.

"Jenna was a really popular girl," Lee said. "So, it's not hard to believe, but it's hard to believe I could raise $350 in a week."

She's hoping to keep the effort going.

Jenna's parents are overwhelmed with the response to help.

"There's been a lot of positive that came from Jenna's death but I would give them up in a second to have her back," Mark Smith said.

The superintendent of the cemetery believes there could be as much as $5500 worth of damage to the entire site.

Anyone with information should contact state police.

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