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Read the Sex Offender Questionnaire Brock Turner Filled Out



    Read the Sex Offender Questionnaire Brock Turner Filled Out
    Convicted sex assault offender Brock Turner is released from the Santa Clara County Jail in San Jose after a three-month sentence. (Sept. 2, 2016)

    Former Stanford University student Brock Turner, who was released from a San Jose jail Friday after serving half of a six-month sentence for sexual assault, registered as a sex offender Tuesday in his hometown of Bellbrook, Ohio.

    As part of the process of registering as a sex offender, Turner had to fill out a sex offender notification questionnaire, as required by the Greene County Ohio Sheriff’s Office.



    "The form is an internal form we put together to gather a bit of additional information directly from the offenders. It could assist us in future investigations if needed," said Greene County Sheriff Gene Fischer.

    The notification will be used by the sheriff’s office to inform residents that Turner lives in their area, as mandated for their protection under the Community Notification Act in Ohio.

    Turner will remain on the sex offender’s list for the rest of his life. According to Fischer, all first time offenders are asked to complete the questionnaire.

    In the notification, Turner was required to fill out his age, sex, handicap status, race, eyes and the zip code of the city where the sex assault occurred (in this case Palo Alto).

    There were also specific questions regarding what took place the night of January 18, 2015, the date of the assault. Turner was eventually convicted in March for sexually assaulting an unconscious young woman behind a dumpster after a frat party on the Stanford campus.

    Turner was also required to answer the following questions on the sex offender notification form pertaining to the specifics of the assault:

    How many times did it occur? Once

    Was there any alcohol involved? Yes

    Was there any drugs involved? No

    How did you know this person? Met at Party

    How old were you? 19

    Turner wrote that he has never been convicted or had had problems with sexual crimes or felonies in the part. He wrote that he has never been convicted of arson, animal cruelty, indecent exposure and voyeurism. He wrote that he does not have any addictions to drugs, alcohol or pornography.

    On Tuesday, Turner’s mother, Carleen Turner, tried to shield her son's face with her white sweater, as the 21-year-old walked into the Greene County Sheriff's Office to sign the paperwork — a swarm of reporters trailing his every move.

    Santa Clara County Superior Court Judge Aaron Persky handed out Turner’s sentence in June after a probation officer recommended that prison would have a severe impact on the former Stanford swimmer. Persky has since been under fire for being too easy on Turner, who could have received a 14-year prison term for his crimes. Many rallies have been held in Silicon Valley against both the judge and Turner.