Carson Daly Through the Years

On the eve of his new NBC show "The Voice," check out all the places Carson Daly has been throughout the years.

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The Los Angeles native who jumped from radio DJ to MTV VJ to NBC late-night show host will debut in his latest role on Tuesday night. Carson Daly will host "The Voice," a new singing competition featuring a panel of judges, including Christina Aguilera, Cee Lo Green, Blake Shelton and Adam Levine. Click through to see how he got where he is today.
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Daly started off his career at KOME in San Jose then became a nighttime DJ for the alternative radio station KROQ.
The college-dropout ditched the radio gig in 1997, when MTV offered him a spot in front of the camera as host of a countdown show called "Total Request Live" (which would eventually just be known by its initials "TRL").
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With Daly at the helm, the show, which aired the 10 most popular music videos as voted by viewers, gained a cult-like following. More than 850,000 people tuned in to the daily show on average in 1999, according to Nielsen Media Research.
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The "TRL" host forged a spot in teenage girls hearts across the country, who religiously watched the program that helped launch the career of pop stars like Britney Spears, Jessica Simpson, the Backstreet Boys and N'Sync.
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N'SYNC stops by to hang with Daly in 2000.
Daly's new found fame led to some high-profile relationships. He dated Jennifer Love Hewitt for two years. As the breakup story goes, Love Hewitt told her publicist her relationship with Daly was over before she told Daly. She later appeared on his late-night show, where they joked about their relationship and Daly said, "It ended a little weird. I got to be honest. A little weird."
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After Love Hewitt, Daly dated "American Pie" star Tara Reid. The couple were briefly engaged, before they split in 2001 after their planned wedding was postponed.
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With his growing celebrity, Daly made several cameo appearances (mostly playing himself) in movies. In "Josie and the Pussycats," a 2001 film about a girl group (starring then-girlfriend Tara Reid), the music act stops by the set of "TRL." And in "Joe Dirt," David Spade's character also pops into the MTV studios for a chat with Daly.
Daly has also appeared as himself on the television show, "My Name is Earl". In the series pilot, Earl, played by Jason Lee, is watching "Last Call With Carson Daly" when the host talks about how his success is a direct result of doing good things. Earl, who just lost a winning lottery ticket after he was hit by a car, is inspired by Daly to turn his life around.
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Daly introduced hundreds of acts to America's youth. TV Guide called him "the Pied Piper of Generation Y." Here, the host walks with Marilyn Manson outside the MTV studios in New York for an episode of TRL during "Spankin New Music Week." in 2000.
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Snoop Dogg meet mini-Snoop. Daly gives the rapper a pint-sized version of himself during a "TRL" appearance in 2002.
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Daly, a fixture during MTV's popular spring break episodes and the network's other specials, appears on stage at the Grand Oasis Hotel in Cancun, Mexico, in 2002.
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Jessica Simpson joins Daly backstage during spring break in Cancun.
Britney Spears paired up with Daly to host a Mardi Gras special in the French Quarter of New Orleans in 2002.
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Daly joins Madonna on stage after the pop star performed songs from her "American Life" album at the MTV studios.
Even with all that time in front of the camera, Daly still finds time to hit the green. Daly first started playing golf when he was 14 and played through highschool, when he also caddied for O.J. Simpson. When he left college, Daly toyed with the idea of trying to go professional, but then he landed his first radio job.
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Daly traded networks in 2002, formally stepping down from "TRL" to host a late-night show on NBC. "Last Call With Carson Daly" airs at 1:35 a.m. EST, catering to the insomniac crowd.
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With the move to NBC, Daly tried to change his image. "I'm trying to re-enter the human race," he told PEOPLE in 2006. "All of my rock 'n' roll living at MTV and my fast-paced public relationships – a lot of the press that people associated me with was tied in with all of that. And as I got a little bit older and moved on to NBC I thought, 'I've gotta grow up here.' "
In 2008, after 10 years on the air, MTV canceled "TRL." Here, Daly joins Kid Rock, MTV VJ Damien Fahey, Snoop Dog and others to toast farewell to the show.
Daly first met Kid Rock in 1998 and stayed friends through the years. Kid Rock often appeared on "TRL" and has also been on "Last Call With Carson Daly."
Like a true Irishman, Daly enjoys a pint of Guinness. Here, Daly and Guinness Master Brewer Fergal Murray throw back a brew to support Proposition 3-17, a national movement supported by Guinness to have the U.S. Congress recognize St. Patrick's Day as an official holiday.
Siri Pinter, Daly's girlfriend, gave birth in 2009. Here, the couple and their son, Jackson James Daly, ring the opening bell at the New York Stock Exchange on December 30, 2010, in New York City.
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Amid the late-night wars of 2010 at NBC, Daly hooked back into the radio world, signing on to host a top 40 daily morning show on KAMP-FM in Los Angeles. "This is about music. I'm not going to go on for four hours and talk," Daly told the Los Angeles Times.
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Daly hosts New Year's Eve 2011 in Times Square for NBC. "Last Call With Carson Daly" is now in its 10th season. “I really feel that ‘Last Call’ has hit its stride," Daly told Variety when the show was renewed after rumors it would be canceled. "It took 10 years, but it feels brand new and great."
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Now Daly will also host "The Voice." "I have a true appreciation for authentic, raw talent and The Voice is all about finding that," Daly said in a statement. "This is a show based strictly on vocal performance -- giving all kinds of talented singers the opportunity to reach millions across the country."
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