Charlie Sheen Needles Indians for World Series Losses

The "Major League" actor attributes the losses on his not being allowed to throw out the opening pitch at any Indians World Series home games

Hey Tribe. Want to know why you've dropped the last two games and are now headed to a do-or-die Game 7 Wednesday night?

Just ask Charlie.

Charlie Sheen, who considers himself a de facto member of the Cleveland Indians because of screen credits that include "Major League" and "Major League II," has openly campaigned to throw out the first pitch at one of the tribe's World Series home games to no avail.

Sheen took to Twitter to needle the Indians for their recent losses.

"Who ever is idiotically guilty of preventing me from throwing out the 1st pitch in any of these home gms, well,jus sayin," he wrote.


Sheen followed that up with another tweet showing his bags were packed with the caption, "Help is on the way."

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