DIY Mother's Day Gift Ideas

Your mom will appreciate these creative, easy-to-make gifts.

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A Pumpkin and a Princess
Homemade soaps allow you to get really creative. Combine spices and herbs to create these cute little gifts for mom. A Pumpkin and a Princess has an easy-to-follow guide on how to make Lavender Chamomile Tea Soaps.
Whitney Sews
Jewelry is a go-to gift for Mother’s Day. Be a little artistic this year and make mom a button necklace. She will appreciate your crafty touch. Whitney Sews has a YouTube tutorial that shows you how to make these in mere minutes.
Lia Griffth
Give your mom the gift of relaxation. A cup of tea at the end of the day is just that. This is a quick DIY gift and at the same time, cheap and charming. All you need are herbs or spices, some coffee filters or mesh fabrics, and string. Lia Griffith shows a creative way to go about making tea bags and supplies some printable "Happy Mother’s Day" tea tags.
Intimate Weddings
With these colorful teacup gardens mom can liven up any spot at home. Get some small flowers or herbs and plant them in some decorative teacups. Teacup gardens would complement any Mother’s Day brunch. Intimate Weddings suggests adding some vintage spoons to complete the gift.
Creative Culinary
Limoncello Prosecco Coolers with Raspberry Ice Cubes are perfect Mother’s Day DIY cocktails that can be made in 15 minutes. The blog Creative Culinary gives you the recipe on how to concoct these spring time mixes.
Lil Blue Boo
All moms enjoy photos of their loved ones. Put your Instagram account to good use and create these sachets and beanbags out of family pictures. Ashley Hackshaw with the blog Lil Blue Boo shows you how to make them. Mom might like these filled with some flowery potpourri.
Day2day SuperMom
This DIY is perfect for a young child, especially if that child likes to finger paint. A Thumbprint Family Tree can be placed on a wall within the home. Day2day SuperMom gives an example of how a kid can create a family masterpiece with a tree template and their thumbs.
Crafty Morning
Every mom deserves some breakfast in bed. Make the meal more memorable by shaping some bacon and a bagel into "M-O-M" on the plate. The blog Crafty Morning adds some cut up strawberries that form hearts around the word.
Gimme Some Oven
Gimme Some Oven brings a clever way to decorate a regular mug for mom. You can use a ceramic pen or sharpie and draw whatever designs or message you want on the mug. Gimme Some Oven wrote "Home is where your mom is" and then drew a little house on the inside bottom. To keep the pen from washing off, let dry for 8 hours, and then bake in an oven at 375 degrees for 40 minutes.
A Day in My Life
All moms have seen the traditional Mother’s Day card. This one stands out above the rest. A Day in My Life blog has the steps you need to make this card that shows just how much you love your mom.
Take any old book and transform it into a photo album that your mom will cherish. The Making Lovely Tumblr shows you how to go about it.
Dawn Nicole Blog
This Vanilla Coffee Sugar Scrub comes together in just minutes. It has been proven that caffeine is great for your skin. The Dawn Nicole Blog has the recipe on how to DIY.
Recipe By Photo
For breakfast in bed or brunch, make mom some artful pancakes. Recipe By Photo shows you how to easily make swirly heart pancakes for mom with just a squeeze bottle.
U Create
A watering can become so much more for Mother’s Day. Personalize one for her and fill it with her favorite flowers. U Create shows you how.
Project Nursery
Silhouettes are a perfect, timeless gift for Mother’s Day. You can also DIY. Project Nursery shows you how to make silhouettes out of photographs.
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