Louis C.K., Judd Apatow and Dax Shepard Plead With TMZ to Remove Tracy Morgan Crash-Site Video

Louis C.K., Judd Apatow and Dax Shepard would like to see a little compassion from TMZ. The trio have publicly appealed to the website to remove a video that shows the crash scene and aftermath of the car accident involving Tracy Morgan. The New Jersey highway collision claimed the life of veteran comedian James McNair and left four injured, including Morgan, who remains hospitalized in critical condition.

The footage in question shows comedian Ardie Fuqua being pulled from the wreckage unconscious. Fuqua was at the opening act at Morgan's comedy show the night before in Delaware, and he also appeared in an early episode of C.K.'s FX show "Louie."

"Take it down TMZ," C.K. tweeted. "Now. Please."

"Ur all crashing the Link to story. Tmz has a video of footage of my friends Tracy and Arte in a terrible crash. They are in ICU," he tweeted. "Arte's brave daughter asked them to take it down. They won't."

"Please don't go to TMZ to watch the video. Please ask them to take it down. @TMZ," C.K. pleaded.

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C.K. also provided a link to Krizya Fuqua's Instagram note, which pressured TMZ to take the video down.

"I honestly would like to petition for TMZ to remove this video," Ardie's daughter wrote on the social networking site. "They dont understand how hurtful it is to see my father be dragged out of the wreckage. Along with all the false information on his condition. I understand people want to know about people want to be updated, but enough is enough. This is hurting my heart so bad that this video is posted for all to see. No one should see my father this way. All I ask is to kindly be left alone so that way my father and everyone else can recover in peace. Enough is enough. Please TMZ remove this video."

C.K. and Fuqua weren't the only ones calling for the removal of the video. "@HarveyLevinTMZ please take down the accident video," moviemaker Apatow tweeted. Shepard, meanwhile, tweeted, "@TMZ is our worst cultural offering. It's just a click below "Ow My Balls."

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The footage, which was published June 9, also drew criticism from comedian Neal Brennan. "Hey @tmz be decent and take down the video of that crash," he wrote on Twitter Wednesday night.

As of press time, the video remains live on TMZ's website.

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