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Teen Assassin Convicted of Beheading 4 in Mexico Might Return to U.S.

He beheaded four people as a 14-year-old and the San Diego native's family wants him home when he's freed.



    Convicted Teen Assassin Could Live in San Diego

    There is new information about the teen assassin born in San Diego. Edgar Jimenez Lugo was 14 when he was convicted of beheading four people on behalf of the drug cartel. After spending the last three years in a Mexican prison, he could soon return to the U.S. NBC 7’s Rory Devine has more. (Published Monday, Nov. 25, 2013)

    A San Diego-born teenager who confessed to killing four people in Central Mexico is about to be released from a Mexican juvenile detention center and could be heading back to the United States when his sentence is complete on Dec. 3.

    Edgar Jimenez Lugo was only 14 years old when he was arrested in 2010 for beheading four people. The case received intense media coverage, given his age and the horrendous crimes he admitted to committing.

    He is serving three years in prison, the maximum amount for a juvenile in Mexico. He claims he was drugged and threatened by a drug cartel to carry out the acts and feared for his life.

    According to news reports, Lugo's family and the governor of Morelos -- where Lugo served his time -- want him to come to the United States when he is free.

    “It’s just a shame. There’s really not an upside for this man,” said U.S. criminal defense attorney Michael Pancer, who is not working on this case. “The hope would be now when he gets back to the United States he gets some kind of counseling and help.”

    Jimenez, a U.S. citizen, would have no legal obstacles if he returns to the country, according to Pancer. But he could face more dangerous obstacles, Pancer said.

    “If he was working for one cartel, then you might wonder about other cartels trying to take some kind of action against him,” he said. “So certainly getting him out of Mexico is the appropriate thing to protect his safety.”