Pants on the Ground! School Hands Out Belts to Stop Sag

Like a library, only for belts

A school in South Carolina is taking on saggy pants by lending belts to students who show up with droopy drawers.

Students at Northwestern High School in Rock Hill used to face a disciplinary write-up for the dress code violation. But now Principal James Blake is hoping the new approach will get students to think about how they dress and also cut down on the number of students referred for discipline.

"We see kids with their britches hanging down all the time," assistant football coach and administrative assistant William Cureton told The Herald of Rock Hill. "We want to change the culture."

Students nabbed for saggy pants will have the option to "check out" a belt for the day. 

"We're willing to try anything in order to give the kids an opportunity to do the right thing," Blake said.

Junior Joe Johnson told The Herald students should be allowed to dress the way they want. He said giving out belts misses the point.

"They'll just have one extra belt," he said.

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