Ryan Lochte Says “Jeah” to “30 Rock” Guest Spot

NBC casts swimming superstar for cameo in show's finale season.

Romance, schmomance!

Though Ryan Lochte has been in talks with reality-dating shows like "The Bachelor" and "Ready for Love," NBC confirms the next TV gig he's chosen has nothin' to do with love (in real life, anyway): The Olympic swimming superstar will be making an appearance on the final season of "30 Rock."

Is Ryan Lochte Getting His Own E! Reality Show?

Oh, and you can totally thank E! for making this cameo happen. Because the ultra-busy Lochte is in New York this week covering Fashion Week for E! News (weeknights at 7 p.m.), so he was able to squeeze in the "30 Rock" gig. Lochte films his cameo Thursday. NBNo other details are available at this time.

Along with serving as special E! News fashion correspondent, and cozying up to Tina Fey, Lochte will be guest starring on the CW's "90210."

Up next, he will be starting up his own TV network called All Lochte All The Time. OK, not really. But clearly we haven't seen the last of him!

Tune into E! News at 7 pm all this week to see how Lochte's Speedo expertise serves him at New York Fashion Week.

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