Swimming, Tennis, Football, What Can't Shaq Do?

Shaq's new reality show has him taking on great athletes in thier sports. You know that sounds like fun.

How is Shaquille O'Neal preparing to help LeBron James win an NBA title? By trying to outswim Michael Phelps, return a serve from Serena Williams and land one punch on a darting Oscar De La Hoya, of course.

Sure, purists in Cleveland want to see him practice free throws or defending the pick-and-roll, but that’s now how Shaq rolls. Just ask Kobe Bryant. Shaq is Americas’ favorite grown up child, and if he takes something on outside of the basketball court you know it will be entertaining. Well, except for Kazamm.

First, next Monday you can catch Shaq on WWE Monday Night Raw — he gets to arrange the matches. So it will be totally random and spontaneous, just like everything the WWE does.

Then next month comes is ABC reality television show “Shaq vs.” in which he takes on other athletes in their sport. In the first episode, he goes up against Ben Roethlisberger in football  — we don’t know what that means, but it would be fun to see Shaq try to sack Big Ben (two of the slowest professional athletes on the planet running around a field has potential).

Future episodes of Shaq vs. include him getting into the pool and seeing his he can outswim Michael Phelps — pray that Shaq does not wear a Speedo. From there he will take on Serena Williams in tennis (he won’t even be able to return a serve), Albert Pujols in baseball. Oscar De La Hoya in boxing, and Misty May-Treanor and Kerri Walsh in beach volleyball.

Shaq is perfect for this — he is a big personality stuck in an enormous body. He is bigger than life in almost every way. And he personifies fun — everybody loves his raps. Well, maybe not Kobe, but his Shaq Diesel album did go platinum. Shaq loves to play policeman everywhere he goes. He really is a big kid living out his dreams, which can be infectious.

This is not Shaq’s first adventure in reality television — remember Shaq’s Big Challenge, where he tried to get fat kids to lose weight? Well, of course you don’t remember it, ABC put it on opposite America’s Got Talent so Shaq was steamrolled in the ratings.

But you can’t keep Shaq down, he’s just having too much fun for that. And we want Shaq vs. to succeed, because we want a second season where Shaq takes on Sydney Crosby in hockey. All 300 pounds of Shaq on ice skates — that is must see television.

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