WATCH: Tom Brady Releases Bonus Episode of Facebook Documentary

The quarterback said he's hoping to play another five years

What to Know

  • Tom Brady released a final installment in his Facebook Watch documentary series on Wednesday.
  • In it, the New England Patriots quarterback said he wants to try to play another five years.
  • He also said for the past couple of years, many parts of football were not enjoyable to him.

Just weeks after saying he was through with his Facebook documentary series, New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady has released a new, final installment in which he says he wants to try to play for another five years.

Most of "Tom vs Time," filmed by Gotham Chopra for Facebook's video platform, Facebook Watch, focused on the star quarterback preparing for the 2017 season, exploring his battle against time on the gridiron and how he balances his personal life.

On Wednesday, a shorter, 5-minute episode, entitled "Epilogue: The Next Game" was released on Facebook Watch. In it, Brady reflects on last season, references all of the talk radio chatter about him and his relationship with head coach Bill Belichick and discusses his future.

"I would love to play five more years," he said. "It'd be a challenge for me. I don't think it's gonna be easy. It'd be hard to do. I think it's going to be very hard to do. But I think I can do it.

"Once you stop, you're done, and I'm not ready to say I'm done because I don't feel like I am. I still like feel there's things to accomplish... I think the last eight years of my career have been better than the first 10, so i should just prolong it. That's what I'm trying to do."

Brady also spoke openly about how he spent more time with his family this offseason than in the past.

"When I look at probably the last six months, it's the first time I've taken a little break from what I've done, and what's been cyclical and monotonous," he said. "I just think I needed something different this year. My family needed something different. I've got to be able to spend enough time with them, because I want to, because you've got to see them grow, you've got to see them develop, you've got to be there for them... or else I'm not doing my job as a parent."

Brady said for the past couple years, "a lot of parts of football weren't enjoyable when they should have been. Some of it was my approach, and I think anytime you're together with people for a long period of time, relationships ebb and flow."

Brady and the Pats are set to kick off their 2018 season on Sunday against the Houston Texans in Foxborough.

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