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Connecticut Lawmakers Discuss Infrastructure Investment Bill

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After months of negotiations, Congress passed one of the big pieces of President Biden's agenda with the trillion-dollar infrastructure bill.

The focus of the bill is to improve many rails, roads, ports, bridges and airports.

The infrastructure investment would bring more than $6 billion in federal funding to the state to help with a wide net of issues.

"Really the whole set of physical assets in Connecticut are going to get more than our fair share because I think we're ready to spend it," said Sen. Richard Blumenthal (D-CT). "It's also an investment in jobs and economic progress because more businesses will come here if they know they have a decent transportation system."

At least $3.5 billion will be used on the state's highway system, $1.3 billion on public transportation, $445 million on the water infrastructure system, $100 million on broadband coverage and $62 million for airport improvements.

The bill has support from local leaders inside of the state.

"The time around the federal government is coming through to give significant amount of funds for the hungry infrastructure that needs fixing," said Sen. Saud Anwar (D-3rd district).

The price tag of the bill did catch the attention of University of New Haven economics professor John Rosen. He tells NBC Connecticut that if the money is properly allocated and spent, the results could come soon.

"It does raise the deficit and the Congressional Budget Office has an analysis of that and it's a big number, $256 billion and that is deeply concerning," said Rosen. "These are big projects, they take at least a year to actually get approved, get the money started and getting the construction started and if they spend it well, it should lead to more economic growth."

In response to the bill, House Republican Minority Leader Vincent Candelora says, "Connecticut, more than ever, needs to turn its attention to a long-term transportation plan that will focus on high speed rail through the economic corridors and hopefully this funding will quench the thirst for the governor's T-C-I- gas tax plan."

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