Demonstrators Gather At State Capitol For Abortion Rights Rally

Protesters are concerned about how the Supreme Court will handle a challenge to Roe v. Wade.

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In more than 600 rallies across the country, including here in Connecticut, women rallied in support of reproductive rights.

From the east to the west coast, women took to the streets to protest a recent law that took effect in Texas. It’s one of the strictest anti-abortion laws in the country, banning most abortions after the sixth week without making exceptions for pregnancies from rape or incest.

More than a hundred people were at the State Capitol in Hartford this morning. They are worried about how the conservative leaning U.S. Supreme Court will handle a challenge to Roe v. Wade that they are taking up this term.

Demonstrators marched while chanting “Women Matter,” “Women’s rights are human rights," and “All of Connecticut, abortion is healthcare.” They held signs in support of safe and legal abortions.

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When the Supreme Court’s new term starts Monday, justices will consider pivotal cases, including a case centered on a 2018 Mississippi law. It bans most abortions after 15 weeks. The case takes direct aim at Roe v. Wade, which for nearly five decades has stopped restrictions on abortion access.

The demonstrators in Hartford say they see abortion as health care, and health care as a human right. Some told us they believe all women, including their own children, transgender men and nonbinary people should have access to the procedure.

“Fifty years ago, a Supreme Court decision and a movement brought us to this point. But this is a point where we’re becoming more inclusive. And recognizing all the people who are under our umbrella. And that’s where we need to be more intentional,” Lisa Thomas from Coventry said.

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Because six of the nine justices were appointed by Republican presidents, demonstrators also told us they want to see more diversity in the high court, including more women.

“A woman’s right to choose, is a woman’s right to choose,” Claudine Fox from Hartford said. “We can no longer allow other people who don’t understand the impact of restrictive laws that are being passed [to] make decisions for people’s bodies.”

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