Hearing for New Labor Standards for Ride-Share Drivers Held in Hartford

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A rally and hearing were held at the Legislative Office Building in Hartford on Tuesday in response to a bill that would provide new labor standards for Lyft and Uber drivers.

If you've ever taken a ride-share service like Lyft or Uber, you might be wondering how much of your fare the driver is actually getting. The bill being introduced in the Connecticut legislature would ensure the drivers get at least 75 percent.

Ride-share drivers around the country have been seeking better treatment for months.

In May, drivers around the country protested by turning off their apps during a one-day walk-out of sorts. An issue is their declining wages while the companies themselves thrive.

The bill in the Connecticut legislature would not only require 75 percent of the fare go to the driver, but it would also ensure that no driver is discriminated against for participating in discussions or advocating for better treatment.

As further protection for drivers, the bill says any transportation company that violates these proposed standards could face civil action, allowing drivers to recover twice the amount owed and reasonable attorney fees.

Uber issued the following statement:

“If this bill passed not only would drivers have to pay as much as $4500 a year more in insurance costs out of their own pockets, but it would also make it significantly harder for people in Connecticut to hail an Uber. There’s a reason no other city or state in the entire country has passed a bill like this,” the statement from Uber says.

Lyft issued the following statement:

“90% of those who earn on the Lyft platform drive less than 20 hours a week and use driving as a way to supplement their income. These are parents who have busy schedules, retirees, students, or individuals who have another full-time job. Our goal has always been to empower these individuals to get the most out of the Lyft platform, and we look forward to continuing to do so in Connecticut.”

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