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Alleged Slam Gets Hockey Player More Than the Penalty Box



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    A Colorado man was charged with disorderly conduct, accused of slamming a ref into the boards during a game in Simsbury.

    A college hockey player from Colorado is accused of slamming a referee into the boards during a hockey tournament at the International Skating Center of Connecticut in Simsbury.

    Andrew J. Hau, 24, was charged with disorderly conduct on March 19. A referee who ejected Hau from the game complained to police that Hau later took a running start at him, lowered a shoulder and slammed him into the boards, the Hartford Courant reports

    Hau, a member of the club hockey team at Colorado State University, disputed the ref's claim in an interview with The Rocky Mountain Collegian.

    "I made a mistake and I realize that, but it's getting blown out of proportion," Hau told the Collegian this week. "The police report was wrong, it was after the game, and I approached the ref and barely bumped him with my shoulder."

    Hau is scheduled to be arraigned in Enfield on April 1.