Calhoun Expects Ollie to Stay

Josh Keppel

Despite the interest from the NBA, Kevin Ollie says he's staying at UConn. And while there may be an owner willing to pay whatever exorbitant price that would get Ollie to reconsider, the consensus around campus seems to be that the second-year coach, fresh off a national title, isn't going anywhere.

And that includes Ollie's predecessor, the Hall of Famer with three championships of his own: Jim Calhoun.

"He’d be foolish if he didn’t explore,” Calhoun said, via the New Haven Register's David Borges, “but I think he’s going to be the coach at UConn. Kevin needs to weigh everything at the time – how you feel, what’s right for your family, what’s right for you, what the future holds. I’m sure Kevin doesn’t want to go through this every year. UConn’s gonna be UConn, and they’re gonna pay him exceptionally well.”

Borges also asked if Calhoun would consider replacing Ollie should he bolt (he wouldn't), as well as whether this NBA dalliance could affect recruiting (it shouldn't).

"In a bizarre sort of way,” Calhoun said, “kids may like that a guy they may go for is being though of so well in the NBA. For these kids, the NBA is the end-all.”

So at the end of the day -- assuming Ollie remains the coach at UConn -- this could workout for everyone: the school and fans keep their coach, the coach gets a hefty pay raise, and recruiting benefits in the process.

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