Double Shot for UConn

UConn's men and women team both have a good shot at a national title? Will both come through in the end?

Both teams have earned #1 seeds. Both are just six wins away from a season long goal. Both teams have the talent to win the title.  Only one will come through though.

First off, there is not a team that has the talent, heart or desire to hang with the UConn women. They are the biggest and baddest kids on the block, and worst still, they know it.

A 33-0 regular season was merely a warm-up. Their closest win was 10 points. They have beaten possible Final Four opponents: Oklahoma, North Carolina, Louisville (twice) and Pittsburgh by an average of 36 points!

This team should have no problem with its five "scrimmages" before the championship game. Don't expect a lot of drama from Geno's group. There is no competition here.

Onto the UConn men. We have quite a different story here.

Yes, they're a number one seed, but they're a weak one. Not only did they get put in the same region with the strongest #2 seed Memphis, but they also are put on the same side as Louisville in a potential Final Four match-up.

Hate to say it, but the President has it right:  Memphis will beat expectations. Coach Calhoun has not won a post-season game since beating Washington in the 2006 Sweet Sixteen. That trend will end this year, but expectations will not be met.

Ever since Jerome Dyson went down with a knee injury, the team hasn't been able to fill that role. Craig Austrie's shooting touch has all but disappeared and the perimeter defense is gone. 

The thing that sticks out to me is the lack of offensive identity this squad has.  Are they a low-post team or a perimeter team? Should Thabeet and Adrien be the focus or can AJ Price and the guards run the show? 

Their lack of depth has been exposed. They only go two-deep off the bench and fouls can become a huge issue.  This team gets in hot water whenever Thebeet is in early foul trouble.

One great thing this team does is get to the foul line. The thing is though, you've got to make your free throws. If one more, just one more were made, they would have beaten Syracuse. 

This team will lose in the tournament because of this Achilles' heel. 

These are way too many issues heading into a national championship tournament.  Memphis has to be licking their chops for this match-up in the Elite Eight and I think they will beat UConn handily.

As for my bracket, I have North Carolina, Pittsburgh, Memphis and Michigan State with UNC beating Mich St. in the championship game. Good Luck in yours.

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