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Huskies Hot Streak Has Fans Downing Hot Sauce for Charity

Huskies Hot Sauce Challenge

What’s with all the hot sauce? Sure, the UConn Men’s basketball team may be on a four game hot-streak but what has UConn Nation feeling the fire, too?

Maybe you’ve seen videos of UConn basketball fans taking spoonfuls of hot sauce on social media. It started last week during the Huskies game against Marquette. UConn was trailing by 18 points when one Husky fan, Bryan Jackson ,pledged to take a spoonful of hot sauce if the Huskies won the game. They did.

Other UConn fans got on the trend, repenting from doubting the Huskies with a sip of sauce. As more caught on, so did the Husky Ticket Project. The organization helps send underprivileged kids to UConn games for free. They pitched people a way to make this challenge make a difference: donate $5 and take a spoonful of hot sauce.

They raised $10,000 in less than 48 hours.

“Leave it to UConn fans to take something so quirky and so bizarre and turn it into a huge fundraising effort that is going to help,” said Husky Ticket Project co-founder, Kevin Solomon. “If we raise $10,000, that's enough to send 1,000 kids to UConn games.”

Solomon and co-founders Jeremy Longobardi, Kevin Kortsep, hopeful that some athletes and coaches will get involved too. So far, men’s basketball head coach Dan Hurley said he’ll take the challenge before Monday’s game against St. John’s and make a donation.

You can learn more about The Husky Project here.

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