Jersey Fouls: Honoring Kournikova and the need for spell check

NOTE: Naturally, this gets posted just as Tom Renney gets the boot. We'll have more on that in the headlines and later today when a replacement is named.

Jersey Fouls is our ongoing exploration of the rules and etiquette for proper hockey jersey creation and exhibition. If you spot what you think may be a foul in your arena, e-mail a photo to us at for inclusion in future installments.

The celebrity puck bunny wife/ex-wife/girlfriend jersey is something we hadn't come across until Matt P. and his buddy "chased the guy down to get this picture" at a Chicago Blackhawks/Detroit Red Wings game.

This would be an Anna Kournikova tribute from a Wings fan; one who was clearly affected by the brief marital bliss of Anna and former Detroit star and current Washington Capitals forward Sergei Fedorov. (Or so Sergei claims.) We can only assume the number on the sweater is a reference to Fedorov's birth-year ...

Hard to believe it's been over a decade since Anna Kournikova first landed on People magazine's 50 Most Beautiful People list. That makes both us and Internet photo searches both feel rather ancient.

What an interesting Jersey Fouls trend. Is there a "Willa No. 9" Dallas Stars jersey somewhere in Texas? Did someone rock the "Milano No. 28" jersey back in the Wayne McBean days for the Islanders and Kings? Please tell us someone stitched up a "Pickler No. 22" Nashville jersey before Jordin and Kellie went kaput.

This is a Protest Jersey from a Columbus Blue Jackets fan who clearly isn't nostalgic for the days of Adam Foote as the BJs' captain. In fact, Columbus blog Light The Lamp, which ran this sweater, refers to the current Colorado Avalanche defenseman as "Captain Coward."

Props for the ironed-on (or is it stitched?) commitment to defacing the jersey of a former member of the franchise, now a hated rival.

H/T to Puck Buddies Tom L and Kirby G and Matt M for all sending this one in.

Leahy passed this one along this morning from The Pensblog, which covered the hell out of yesterday's Pittsburgh Penguins/Washington Capitals game. We'd be lying if we tried to claim that Sergei "Federov" has never appeared in the first draft of a post on Puck Daddy. But the essential difference here is that we have something called a "backspace" key, while this fan and whoever created this sweater both have a haunting, dogged shame for a complete lack of attention to detail. Sort of like ...

... a New York Islanders Josh Bailey jersey that, like Vincent Chase, has a short "E".

Puck Buddy Chris C: "The guy was cheering loudly for his team, while wearing a Josh Bailey jersey minus the 'e'... felt bad for his son."

Huh, they spelled "Toews" wrong. From Puck Buddy James D.: "My beef is people putting their own name on a Winter Classic jersey with the number of a current player. This is slightly better than the worse foul of putting your own name with the number of a hall of famer." Indeed.

Finally ...

From Michael H. comes this Jersey Foul from Section 33 at last night's New York Rangers game, where Harry Howell (No. 3) and Andy Bathgate (No. 9) saw their numbers retired by the franchise. It is such a staggeringly epic fail to think that two of the best players in Rangers history add up to one Dan LaCouture.

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