Leafs' Grabovski looking to end nasty feud with Habs' Kostitsyn?

If you read Dmitry Chesnokov's interview yesterday with Sergei Kostitsyn of the Montreal Canadiens, you know his feud with countryman Mikhail Grabovski of the Toronto Maple Leafs is full of nasty behind-the-scene verbal jabs and a few on the record -- like when Grabovski said "I think he is not Belarussian now, he is French because I never fight with Belarussian guys." Ouchy.

Dmitry forwarded and translated an interview that will appear in tomorrow's Sovietsky Sport in which Grabovski tells reporter Dmitry Sinitsyn that he's ready to do whatever the Russian equivalent of burying the hatchet is.

From SovSport, via Chesnokov:

By the way, during the All Star weekend Ovechkin and Malkin made peace ending a two year feud.  It's time for you and Sergei Kostitsyn to follow this example.

"We didn't really start a feud.  We just had a little misunderstanding during a game. Can't it happen to anyone?  I hope there is no conflict between us. Toronto plays Montreal six times a season.  I want to believe, that all the bad between us is forgotten. And what's left is a healthy sports rivalry."

Are you ready to make the first step?

"Why not? I hope in the future Sergei and I will have a normal relationship in the future and when we meet we'll just laugh about this situation. Whatever happened is gone. Ovechkin and Malkin gave us an excellent example."

Switching gears, here's the SovSport Kostitsyn side of the story:

Just recently Sergei Kostitsyn talked to me about his feud with Mikhail. He said that "he had nothing to talk about" with Grabovski. When Pavel Lysenkov, however, told Sergei of what Mikhail said about making peace, Kostitsyn replied:

"Do I agree to shake his hand?  I am an open person. And I am ready to make peace."

Will it happen on February 7 during the game against Toronto?

"Perhaps. But before then Grabovski and I need to discuss certain details."

A man-talk?

"Something like that. Tell Mikhail that I am waiting for his call."

In America, you have heart-to-heart. In Russia, we have man-talk ...

So there you have it: A Maple Leaf and a Hab, potentially ready to make amends Ovechkin/Malkin style. We eagerly await your awkwardly staged photographs and prop comedy, sirs.

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