Puck Headlines: Media concocts Crosby/LeBron/NY non-story

Here are your Evening Puck Headlines: A glorious collection of news and views collected from the greatest blogosphere in sports and the few, the proud, the mainstream hockey media.

• We'll leave it up to you to decide the news judgment for this story, but here goes: Sidney Crosby says he's happy with the Pittsburgh Penguins, and won't be joining LeBron James in New York. If LeBron signs with the Knicks in 2010. And if Crosby ever even reaches free agency. You know, in 2013. This story angle makes a lot of sense, because Crosby obviously can't get an endorsement deal playing in Pittsburg (/sarcasm). This story was important enough to appear on SI.com, too. Wow. [Pittsburgh Tribune-Review]

• Holy smokes: Former NHL announcer Jiggs McDonald and "80 other Canadian citizens on a 30-day Asian tour are currently stranded in Bangkok due to the political unrest there." Shoulda been you, Jack Edwards. [On Frozen Pond]

Martin Brodeur, Rick DiPietro, Marc-Andre Fleury, Roberto Luongo, Manny Legace ... there have been more than a few goalies missing time this season. Former NHL goalie Glenn Healy has some theories why. [CBC Sports]

Edmonton Oilers general manager Steve Tambellini gives Craig MacTavish and the coaching staff a vote of confidence. "If you've watched the practices the last five days, they worked extremely hard ... Sometimes, there's a fine line between being caught up in the pressure of the moment and trying to produce." And as David St. Hubbins once said, there's also a fine line between stupid and clever. [TSN]

• Who would win a yapping contest between Claude Lemieux and Sean Avery? [Dallas Stars Blog]

• "A judge has acquitted former junior 'A' hockey coach and NHL agent David Frost of sexual exploitation in relation to allegations that he participated in three-way sex with two of his former players and their ex-girlfriends." But boy, what a trial it was. [Ottawa Citizen]

• Ken Campbell believes that the official hiring of Brian Burke has also officially ended the notion that Toronto Maple Leafs ownership will meddle in hockey affairs. [Hockey News]

• Mirtle had a great pie-chart-tastic look at the demographic breakdowns of the NHL, and how the nationalities have shifted over the years. Finland is booming, yo. [From the Rink]

• The Barenaked Ladies have recorded a version of the old "Hockey Night in Canada" theme song. It will appear on TSN and RDS, and is being described as "intricate and textured." Like Norv Turner's face. [CP]

Luke Richardson has come to realize that his incredibly long playing career in the NHL has come to an end. Until, you know, Oren Koules inevitably comes calling. [Senators]

• Please do check out the latest blog vs. media relations mess involving our friend Wrap Around Curl and a CHL team's draconian and petty enforcement of photo rules. More on this over the weekend. [Wrap Around Curl]

• Finally, Steven Stamkos is rather proud of his first NHL fight. Gotta love any fight that begins with the announcer saying, "What is this!?" [Lightning Strikes]

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