Video: Another take on Detroit all-star mess, with prop comedy

This whole NHL vs. the Detroit Red Wings thing has certainly escalated quickly, hasn't it? It's like the news team fight from "Anchorman," only funnier (someone called us "Puck Mommy") and with less trident-throwing.

The latest on Gary Bettman's mission to rig the season against the Stanley Cup champions* by making Pavel Datsyuk and Nicklas Lidstrom sit out one game is that the NHLPA is going to file a grievance in the case; mostly to clarify the NHL's policy on players choosing to miss the NHL All-Star Weekend due to injury.

That's a fair point, unlike the complaints from Red Wings fans that these players were somehow ambushed by a swiftly invented disciplinary rule with no recourse. The story broke on Friday; the first commercial airline flight in the United States was in 1914.** They, and their team, could have avoided this. There's no getting around that fact. 

Anyway, enough with the tension. It's in times like these that we turn to Steve Dangle, friend of Puck Daddy and YouTube comedy celebrity, for his take on these matters. Here's Dangle and friends on the Red Wings suspensions:

Bonus clip from the man who gave the world Mats Sundin at the drive-thru: Here's Roberto Luongo on rules changes:

* We don't actually believe this, but it's fun to play into the bizarre inferiority complex for fans of the most popular franchise in hockey and the reigning champions in hockey.

** Thanks Wikipedia.

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