Rentschler Field to Use Temporary Scoreboard in Opener


This doesn't exactly scream "big-time college football," but then again, the Chicago Bears had to play at the University of Illinois for part of the regular season back when Soldier Field was being renovated. So, yes, using a portable scoreboard for the Huskies' 2013 opener Rentschler Field against Towson may seem more JV than not, but the good news is that it's a short-term fix. A new $1.7 million scoreboard should be in place for the Huskies' Week 2 matchup with the Terps.

"We had looked into some interim funding to get a deposit in to the scoreboard company [Daktonics] to get us in queue," Kim Hart, CRDA's venue director, said according to the Hartford Courant. "But as a state agency, we're limited. We looked at a lot of things. We couldn't take out a loan. We couldn't sign a lease agreement. We had the lawyers working overtime and state bond council, and we just couldn't find a legal way to do it.

"Once they approve it, you can sign a contract that day, but you can't sign anything prior, so without the money in place we couldn't sign the contract that would have put us in the construction queue."

In other Rentschler-related news, the Courant reports that UConn has sold 23,000 season tickets, 1,000 fewer than it sold in 2012, but 1,400 season tickets ahead of where it was a year ago at this point.

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