5 Ways to Bring Summer Into Your Home

Pacific Park

Summer is the perfect inspiration for making your home as bright as the weather outside. These 5 tips will help you begin the fun and easy process.

Add Sparkle: According to TLC’s “5 Cheap Ways to Brighten Up a Room,” adding reflective surfaces can brighten a room and help make it look larger. A mirrored tray or a cut glass candy dish can revitalize an empty coffee table or a dreary mantle. “Other good options are crystal photo frames, mirrored coasters and glass collectibles,” Sara Elliot, of TLC, says. She suggests purchasing a glass-topped table with beveled glass inserts or edges for a more dramatic change. This will make other furniture look cleaner and more vibrant.

Embrace Light: Clean windows go a long way, according to brightnest.com. If you didn’t give your windows a full rejuvenation during spring cleaning, now is the time. You will be surprised by how much brighter a room can become after giving windows a full scrubbing. Don’t forget to open the windows on breezy days to let the fresh summer air inside! BrightNest also mentions that on a rainy day, light fixtures and lamps are everything.

Color is Everything: Interior designer Tobi Fairley gave her thoughts on top colors for summer to HGTV.com. They include sky blue, yellow, pink, coral, lime green, navy and white. Take advantage of these bright hues in any way possible. It doesn’t have to be as dramatic as a fresh paint job on the walls either, according to Fairley. Throw pillows, accent rugs, curtains and other accent pieces allow you to play with color in a less-permanent way and will add a pop to any room. Don’t be afraid to go out of your comfort zone.

Pick the Perfect Plant: There are several houseplants that bring the feeling of summer indoors. According to TLC contributor Sara Elliot, many houseplants are easy to maintain and add color and texture to the room. Elliot suggests a tall column of snake plant, which will grow under most light conditions and will add height to a low ceiling. Another option she suggests is Pothos, “an almost indestructible vine that’s available in a number of mottled and solid color variations.” Elliot’s other ideas are Chinese evergreen, English ivy, and spider plant, which are all also easy to maintain and make beautiful decorations as well.

Quick Tip: If you don’t want to care for a plant long-term, flower arrangements in a fun vase make great accessories to add to a table!

Rearrange a Room: Many people fall into the rut of keeping their furniture in the same place for years. Save money by taking advantage of what you already have! “Making the most of what you've already got is one way to re-energize your space free of charge,” says Elliot. It’s a fun way to experiment and play with the flow of a room. Elliot emphasizes highlighting a focal point: take advantage of a fireplace or beautiful view and work around it. Switching around a few pieces of furniture can transform the entire vibe of a room.

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