• 2020 census Jul 7, 2020

    Everything You Need to Know About the 2020 Census

    The 2020 U.S. Census is required for anyone living in the United States, but there are billions of reasons you’d want to take it: lawmakers use census data to divvy up money for important resources like hospitals, fire stations and roads. Lawmakers will rely on this year’s census data until 2030, so now’s your chance to make sure your household...

  • new haven Jul 6, 2020

    City of New Haven Cuts $4 Million to Police Budget

    The City of New Haven announced they are reducing the police budget by $4 million and eliminating 48 positions in the department. The decision to cut the police budget was announced in the city’s annual budget for the 2020-21 fiscal year. A total of 48 positions within the police department, or 11% of personnel, will be eliminated. Also, the city…

  • UConn Jun 24, 2020

    UConn Facing $50 Million Budget Deficit

    In a lengthy Board of Trustees meeting Wednesday, University of Connecticut officials said the school faces a $50 million deficit, the largest in school history. Addressing the issue there’s set to be a range of actions, including using reserves, pursuing state and federal assistance and cuts. Beginning in July through the 2021 fiscal year, managers will be furloughed one day…

  • UConn Jun 24, 2020

    UConn Announces Athletic Program Cuts Due to Budget Issues

    UConn Athletics announced today that several sports will be cut from the program because of budget issues

  • Hartford Jun 23, 2020

    Hartford City Council Votes to Cut $1 Million From Police Budget

    The Hartford City Council voted to cut $1 million from the police department budget during the vote to adopt the city’s fiscal budget. Hartford Mayor Luke Bronin and the city council approved the cut in funding on Monday. Bronin initially proposed a $700,000 cut and a separate reallocation of $1 million of the department’s budget to be spent on training…

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