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I Am... A Personalized Perfume

Rachel Zoe's newest addiction and United Bamboo gets feline friendly



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    Lo Bosworth is good. She reads to children. She has the perfume to prove it.

    I AM AMUSED... While following The Hills' Lo Bosworth (no shame) on Twitter, we saw her plug the "yummiest perfume" called "I am Good" the other night. A little Google search later, we found ourselves with Danica Aromatics, a perfumery that offers 13 different "I am" options, ranging from the obvious, Me, to the more alluring, Wild or Rich. Lo's personal fav, "I am Good", is said to be mainly guava, jasmine, and honey. Sounds yummy to us. Order online for $72/50 ml eau de parfum.

    MEOW MEMO....United Bamboo pays homage to the theory that anyone can have style. So, when coming up with concepts for their 2010 Calendar, the team decided who better to wear their runway looks than a pack of 12 meticulously groomed kittens? Considering no one hates kittens, and not many people hate United Bamboo, the idea was a success and sold out immediately. For those still pining to get their fashionista feline fix, e-mail help@unitedbamboo.com to get in line for the November/December shipment.

    UP ALL NIGHT... All Nighter Styling Powder has been basking in the graces from the likes of Rachel Zoe ("I am addicted") to Time Out New York ("officially obsessed") so when we spotted it online at Urban Outfitters, Want This had to wonder, what IS this? Turns out it's exactly what it sounds like -- a powder that both refreshes with tangerine essence and absorbs excess oil in your hair like a dry shampoo and gives day old (or just cleaned and dry) hair texture and bounce when brushed through and fluffed. Minimal effort required for both benefits. We like it. Order online for $18/1 oz. bottle.