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DMV Reflects on Computer Upgrade a Month After Launch

DMV Reflects on System Upgrade

Connecticut DMV officials say a new computer system rolled out last month works well but needs some fine tuning. (Published Tuesday, Sept. 15, 2015)

Officials with the Connecticut Department of Motor Vehicles said a new computer system rolled out during a major upgrade last month, which resulted in long lines and major frustrations, does work but needs some fine tuning.

When asked about the $26-million overhaul, DMV customers had mixed reactions.

"I've got like 100 people in front of me right now, so it's going to be another hour, two-hour wait," explained Hartford resident Jorge Betancourt. "Very long day."

Not everyone has shared Betancourt's experience, however.

"It was all right," said Landey Peterkin, of Bloomfield. "Didn't really take that long. Just went in and out."

The software has caused major headaches in other states.

DMV Commissioner Andres Ayala remains positive about how his agency has handled the rollout, which resulted in a week-long shut down of DMV branches in preparation.

Severe lines caused by the extended closure have dwindled but Ayala said they still occasionally pose a problem. He said they can't pinpoint whether the lines are related to a remaining backlog, or how employees have handled the new software.

"Employees are getting familiar with our new system," Ayala said. "They will continue to take the time necessary to become more proficient as they go on."

Ayala said 17,000 of the customers who have completed transactions at DMV branches since the software rollout could have avoided long lines by using the DMV website.

"The biggest mistake that we see is right at the registration renewal," he said. "Any person who is just simply renewing a registration, it's something that they can do online."

DMV officials are also reminding customers that extensions to renew licenses, ID cards and registrations will end Oct. 10. Residents should avoid waiting until the last minute, when longer lines will likely become an issue again.

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