Dozens of Connecticut Veterans Eligible for Rescreening for Brain Injuries

Dozens of veterans in Connecticut are eligible for rescreening for traumatic brain injuries and the Commissioner of the Connecticut Department of Veterans’ Affairs said it would not surprise him if even more veterans become eligible to be re-screened for TBIs, he told the NBC Connecticut Troubleshooters exclusively.

This became a national issue when it was revealed that up to 25,000 veterans might have been improperly screened by people other than four specific types of medical specialists.

The U.S. Department of Veterans' Affairs shared with the Troubleshooters a list of all the states with veterans eligible for re-screenings for TBIs.

So far, the federal agency has identified 77 Connecticut veterans eligible for re-screenings and the state Commissioner of Veterans Affairs Sean Connolly believes that could go up.

“I think it's definitely possible that there could be more,” he said.

The state Department of Veterans Affairs is assisting the feds strictly in reaching out to make sure all eligible veterans are getting the re-screenings they deserve.

Officials from the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs said letters have gone out to those affected to let them know they can get re-examined.

Veterans who are not contacted, but believe they should have been, should contact a veterans service organization.

If you're one of the veterans impacted by all this, we'd like to hear your story. Reach out to the Troubleshooters at 1-844-303-7377.

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