Money Floods Connecticut's Gubernatorial Race

Even with a small list of declared candidates for Connecticut’s open Governor seat, hundreds of thousands of dollars are already pouring in for candidates exploring a run.

In the latest campaign finance filings released Monday, at least three candidates have raised more than $200,000 in total and more than $100,000 since April. While many of the candidates are raising money in exploratory committees, many have told NBC Connecticut that they will run for Governor. In order to be eligible for public campaign funds, a gubernatorial candidate needs to raise $250,000 in small donations from Connecticut residents.

Monday’s fillings show that the number of announced gubernatorial candidates keeps growing. Dave Walker, Tim Herbst, Jacey Wyatt, Eric M Mastroianni and Prasad Srinivasan have all filed paperwork to run for Governor. Well known Connecticut politicians, such as Comptroller Kevin Lembo, former Federal prosecutor Chris Mattei, former DCP Commissioner Jonathan Harris and Middletown Mayor Dan Drew, are all raising money under exploratory committees.

In the most recent filings, Comptroller Lembo raised the most with $143,701 in contributions. He was followed by Chris Mattei, Jonathan Harris, Peter Lumaj and Prasad Srinivasan.

“We have full steam as we enter the third quarter and we expect to reach $250,000 by the end of the summer,” said Srinivasan in a news release about his July 10 filing. “This quarter was particularly challenging, with an incredibly busy schedule at the State Capitol. As always, fundraising took a back seat to representing my constituents in Glastonbury, dealing with the State’s budget crisis, and treating patients at my medical practice."

“The people of Connecticut are ready for real change to get our economy moving and our government fighting for working families,” Lembo said in a prepared news release.

In order to qualify for money from the Citizens’ Election Program, candidates need to raise the majority of their campaign coffers from Connecticut residents. According to an analysis by NBC Connecticut, Dave Walker’s campaign raised the most from out of state, collecting only 79 percent of the money in their latest campaign filing from Connecticut residents.

At the time of this publication, many prospective candidates have not yet filed their July 10 campaign finance paperwork with the State Elections Enforcement Commission.

The Connecticut Gubernatorial election is scheduled for November 6, 2018.

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