Hurricane Fiona

Hurricane Fiona: BBB Tips for Donating to Reputable Charities

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After a natural disaster, like Hurricane Fiona, people always want to pitch in to help.

But if you’re planning to donate, take a pause before you click pay, the Better Business Bureau warns.

We all want our hard-earned money to go into the hands of the right people, but sadly bad actors like to take advantage of our big hearts.

So, you have to be careful.

On this “Wise Giving Wednesday," as Better Business Bureau calls it, they’re sharing some safe and smart donating tips.

First, they suggest you evaluate the charity’s appeal. Are they clear where your money will go and who will benefit?

And, be aware if the charity says 100 percent of your money will assist relief victims.  BBB says even if the group is using other funds to cover administrative and fundraising costs, those expenses still exist.

Give to groups that have experience, because that can ensure they can follow through with their goals and provide quick assistance.

On that note, BBB recommends you check to see if the charity already has an “on-the-ground” presence, so they already have skilled operations in place in the affected areas and avoid having to use a “middleman.”

Lastly, they suggest giving money rather than goods. They say this usually allows for a quicker and more flexible response.

BBB has a list of organizations that met their 20 “Charity Accountability Standards ” for Hurricane Fiona relief.

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