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State Comptroller-Elect Asking Lawmakers to Approve More ‘Hero Pay' Funding

As it stands right now, accepted applicants who make less than $100,000 will receive $232.67, not $1,000, because current funding has to be pro-rated to cut a check to all those who did get approved.

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Remember "Hero Pay?"

It’s a program passed in the state budget to give a one time bonus, up to $1,000, to thank certain essential workers for their work on the frontlines.

The application process had many reaching out to us frustrated. Now, it’s nearing time to cut the checks.

But, as expected, there’s not enough cash to get essential workers a complete payment, so checks have to be pro-rated because of the demand and number of approved applications, which were grossly underestimated when passing this.

Sean Scanlon (D), the state comptroller-elect, is pushing to get more funding for the program. The state budget allotted $30 million for Hero Pay.

He’s asking lawmakers to hold a special session to amend the bill passed earlier this year.

Scanlon said to fully fund the program, they’d need almost $94 million more.

Of that, Scanlon believes the state could pull about $30 million from another relief program that didn’t get the traction Hero Pay did.

Scanlon released numbers Wednesday that as the program stands now, if you make under $100,000 and you’re one of the 108,000 approved essential workers, you would get a check for $232.67. Not $1,000.

Scanlon released these numbers Wednesday:

“We have no way of truly thanking the people that served in this hospital that served as our police officers, our firefighters, our EMTs, our daycare workers. But this is a start. And this is the least that we can do to thank them for all that they did for us,” Scanlon said.

The CT American Federation of Labor and Congress of Industrial Organizations (AFL-CIO) is urging lawmakers to fully fund this, adding that they think it should even be expanded to include more essential workers who didn’t make the cut.

We reached out to representatives for both the state Democratic and Republican House and Senate for comment.

“The ‘hero pay’ program has been flawed from its inception as some groups of workers were included and others excluded for no rational reasons. Rather than continue to pour in millIons more in a special session, we need to step back and re-define who is eligible and establish details parameters so that those who truly need and deserve assistance are helped,” House Republican Leader Vincent Candelora said.

The state comptroller’s office says if you applied and want to know if you’ve been approved, if you haven’t already received an email, look out for one.

A spokesperson tells NBC CT the email should say that you were approved or rejected and those not approved have the ability to appeal the decision, which potentially could impact the funding needed.

We’re told about 110,000 emails have went out so far. Another batch is expected to go out over the next few weeks.

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