Fourth of July

Holiday Celebrations Continues with Extended Weekend Events

Parades and festivals provided an additional day of celebration for some.

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It may have been the 5th of July, but Independence Day weekend was far from over. Many people were off from work and happily continued celebrating at events around the state.

In the streets of Barkhamsted, some people marched while others cruised. It was a traditional red, white and blue parade. With American flags flying, people lined the streets - some lucky enough to come home with a special treat.

Kyle and Tim Cronin of Canton were there watching with their young son Brady, who knew exactly what his favorite part was.

“The Candy and the trucks,” said Brady.

The parade celebrated freedom, and not just America’s.

“It was the first little taste of normalcy that we’ve seen in quite a while. So, it was nice,” said Tim Cronin.

In Hartford, a new tradition was born: “The Hartford Bonanza.” With live music as a backdrop, people enjoyed a laid-back day in Bushnell Park. Relaxing, reflecting and enjoying the small things.

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“We get to go to the ice cream truck,” said 4-year old James Johnson.

Across the city, at Riverside Park, others savored the long weekend with a simple bike ride.

“It’s a nice day and I’m enjoying it,” said Marvis Brown, who planned to ride between 20 and 30 miles.

Nearby, another family was firing up the grill for a holiday picnic. It was the Fourth of July weekend but for this family, it feels a lot like Thanksgiving.

“It’s a true blessing that were able to do this now. So, I’m very grateful,” said John Alverez of Hartford.

Normalcy was the word used repeatedly as people described what this year’s Independence Day weekend has been like.

People took advantage of the break in the rain Monday, spending the final day of the holiday weekend on the beach.
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