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Conn. Officials Push COVID-19 Vaccine for New Age Group

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The CDC approved the Moderna and Pfizer vaccines for children between the ages of six months to five years old that rolled out in late June.

So far, the Connecticut Department of Public Health said about 3,000 people from this age group have already received a Moderna or Pfizer vaccine.

But health officials say that is not enough.

"Although it is milder in children than it is for older adults, COVID-19 is still the number one infection to cause morbidity or mortality among children," Department of Public Health Commissioner Manisha Juthani said.

On Thursday, Lt. Governor Susan Bysiewicz and Juthani touted the vaccine's safety at a local pop-up clinic, and urged families to get on board.

The only problem was, foot traffic seemed to be an issue.

"We understand that there is hesitation from family members, but I think the youngest children are always last to be eligible for anything new," Juthani said.

"These have been very safe and effective," Bysciewicz added.

The DPH said 80% of children in the state can receive the COVID vaccine from their pediatrician, adding some pediatricians have been taking on additional patients to administer the shots.

"We have decades of experience showing how these benefits are good for the child themselves and for their communities and the same is true for the COVID vaccine, so this is why we're here to implore people to listen to what we're sharing, what their friends are sharing," Juthani said.

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Length of immunity after being fully vaccinated in this age group is still unknown.

"I think that if people get vaccinated now going into the fall, it should last for some months, right, so hopefully it will get us through this particular fall/winter season, but we are probably looking at a yearly shot going forward," Juthani said.

The CDC has approved the covid vaccine for children 5 and under. Parents' opinions about getting their kids vaccinated vary, from caution to excitement.

The commissioner went on to say getting the shot for your child in this age group is the best protection against a virus that is constantly mutating and becoming more contagious.

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